Dana Parkinson, Dance caller
Dana Parkinson, Dance caller
vibrant | inclusive | creative


Photo Courtesy of Dave Pokorney

Photo Courtesy of Dave Pokorney


I call Contra dances to...
Celebrate life through music
Weave communities through dance
Spread kindness and laughter


Upcoming Events

September 9, 2018
Contra Dance

Pinellas Park, FL

Band: Just Twistin Hay (Central Florida)

Location: Pinellas Park Auditorium

More info: https://www.tampabaycontra.com/

September 14-16, 2018

Youth Dance Weekend

Weston, VT

Bands: NOVA (contra), The Jig Lords (English), DJ Beats and Tea (Techno)

English Caller: Lousie Siddons

More info: https://youthdanceweekend.org/


Gulfport, FL

Bands: The Mean Lids, Wake Up Robin

Also Calling: Beth Molaro

More info: https://www.floridasnowball.com/

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Dana started contra dancing in 2009 in Tampa, Florida with the Tampa Friends of Old-Time Dance. Through support from her local community and inspiration from dancing at dozens of dance weekends, Dana soon found herself at a Contra Calling Workshop with Cis Hinkle. This week-long intensive course was offered at Augusta Dance Week in Elkins, WV. In no time at all she was calling local dances. She called her first dance weekend in Gainesville, Florida in 2012 and hasn't looked back!


Bio for dance weekend advertisements:

Dana started Contra dancing in 2009 and calling in 2010. She loves helping weave the community created through folk dance and music. Based in Florida, she is known for her creative programming, sense of humor, and no-nonsense walk-throughs.



Festivals and Dance Weekends:

Dancing with the GODS | Gainesville, FL

Fall Ball | Pinellas Park, FL

Mountain Blossom | Elk Park, NC

Ooh La La | Richmond, Quebec, Canada

Contrathon | Jonesborough, TN

Shenandoah Shindig | Dayton, VA

Catapult! | Atlanta, GA

Great Bear Groove | Oswego, NY

Hoosier Partner | Indianapolis, IN

Call of the Loon | Minneapolis, MN

Midwinter Ball | Baltimore, MD

Mountain Madness | Jonesborough, TN

June Bug Bash | Pinellas Park, FL

Dance, Music and Spice Week | Camp Cavell, MI

Harvest Moon Dance Festival | Santa Barbara, CA

Dandelion Romp | Oberlin, OH


Here are some of the workshops I offer for dance weekends and festivals:

Something Borrowed

Dances featuring figures borrowed primarily from square dancing and English county dancing. 

Go With the Flow

This workshop will have you gliding across the floor in sequences of moves you have never even thought of. 

Challenging / Advanced Contras

Get ready! These challenging contras will keep you on your toes. Expect no-walk-throughs, shadows, contra corners, and double progressions! Head scratching and tons of laughter guaranteed.

It's all in the Details

What makes a good dance partner? This workshop explores the small but powerful ways you can improve your awareness on the dance floor and improve your style. The best dancers take care of others on the dance floor, help keep everyone on time, and can communicate without words.

Larks and Ravens

Has your community considered trying gender-free dance role terminology? In this workshop I will introduce your dance community to these terms in a friendly environment. I promise everyone will be soaring into a new gendered-term-free world filled with funny bird facts and fun dances.

Music and Mood

This workshop requires a band that is also interested in participating. This workshop focuses on the relationship between the dancers and the band. How does the band change the music to fit the dancers? What about dancers setting the mood for the musicians? We play with the most important - yet often forgotten - dynamic in contra dance. 

No Walk-Throughs!

Excite and challenge your community with a set of no-walk-through dances. This workshop will help build confidence as dancers take on this challenge that requires being present in the moment!


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