CDSS Music and Spice Week at Camp Cavell
to Aug 21

CDSS Music and Spice Week at Camp Cavell

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    Staff includes: Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand, Carol Ormand, Dana Parkinson, Karen Axelrod, Daniel Beerbohm, Rachel Bell, Laurie Cumming, Earl Gaddis, John Mayberry, Amy McFarland, Doug Plummer, Joanna Reiner, Maria Terres, and Jamie Platt!

    What's the spice? It's more than dance! Birding, ecology, mumming, quilting, comedy improv, art, storytelling, photography, technical tree climbing, snorkeling, horseback riding, and kayaking.

    My workshops:

    • Civilized Catastrophe - Try some challenging, quirky contra dances while you're still sleepy. Uncontrollable laughter 100% guaranteed.
    • Dance your Sass Off! - Take care of your fellow dancers with flourishes (really!), learn when to gender-swap, and increase your awareness on the dance floor. Improve your dance connection, creativity, and safety -- all at once!
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