Dance Programs

Greenfield Advanced Dance with The Mean Lids

Guiding Star Grange | June 28, 2019

Maliza’s Magical Mystery Motion by Cary Ravitz (no walk through)

Coriolus Effect by Melanie Axel-Lute

Lisa’s Contra by Tom Hinds, Variation by Robert Cromartie

Labor of Love by Kathie Anderson (no walk through)

Kinematic Dolphin Vorticity by Luke Donforth

Serendipity by Chris Page

It’s All About the Flow (stupid) by Devon Nordson


No-See-Ums by Beth Molaro

A Thing of Trust by Chris Page

Hope’s Spirit by Dean Snipes

Rad Spice by Dugan Murphy (no walk through)

Generation Gap by Thankful Cromartie

Saturday Greenfield Dance with The Mean Lids

Guiding Star Grange | June 29, 2019

Another Nice Combination by Tom Hinds (no walk through)

Reel to Reel by Cary Ravitz

Groovemongers by Don Flaherty, variation by ?

Alternating Corners by Jim Kitch (no walk through)

The Love Blender by Devon Nordberg (no walk through)

Winter in Summerland by Jeff Spero and James Hutson (no walk through)


Chris’ Poetic Orangutan by Yoyo Zhou

Abolish Mop Snarl by Nils Fredland

Hotpoint Special by Joseph Pimintel

Joel’s in the Kitchen by Sue Rosen